Company Profile

Ganesh Bottling is a Company incorporated in the year 1982.

Its most Modern Bottling Plant practicing International Manufacturing Processes is located in Industrial Estate, Rajkot,Gujarat.

The Company has also developed its own Brands of Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Beverages. Its brand of "Sabras" currently has 28 flavors and a premium Soda Water. Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Bitter Lemon and the Soda Water under brand name 'Sabras' are available in 200ml non returnable full sleeve glass bottles.

Sabras is also available in 200ml,300ml,600ml,1.25 liter,2.25liter .

Brand Club Soda has Carbonated Soft Drinks, Soda and Packaged Drinking Water under its banner.

In Soft Drinks there is Sabras, Sabras-Green, Sabras-cola-zee, Sabras-club-soda,Sabras-orange,Sabras-Mango,sabras-flavours, in 200ml PET Take Away Bottles.

All products are individually packed in attractive color corrugated boxes.

  • 300ml x 24 Bottle = 1 carton
  • 600ml x 24 Bottle = 1 carton
  • 1.25liter x 12 Bottle = 1 carton
  • 2.25liter x 9 Bottle = 1 carton